Wisdom Teeth Misconceptions

Factors Feeding the Wisdom Teeth Removal Decision

Does everyone need to have their wisdom teeth out?  The answer is “of course not.” Still, these are the adult teeth that often cause the most problems.

How do you know if you should have wisdom teeth removed? Only x-rays or a ct scan can tell you for sure. Wisdom teeth are usually the teeth furthest in the back of your mouth, so when considering whether they should be left alone or removed, many factors must be considered.

Are the teeth still erupting into place?

Orientation of the teeth in relation to the teeth in front of them and the opposing teeth on the upper or lower jaw.

Are there signs of infection or discomfort associated with the teeth?

Can the teeth be properly maintained with good oral hygiene?

Where are they in relation to the nerve, sinus, adjacent teeth?

So if the question is “should I have my wisdom teeth taken out?” The answer can only be “Please ask your dentist for his or her opinion.  A decision has to be made on individual bases using facts gathered from xrays and CT scans.

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