Dr. Matthew Nadler

Meet Dr. Matthew Nadler


Complex dental problems often require a multi-faceted treatment approach. You need a dentist with education and experience in the latest dental techniques. Dr. Matthew Nadler provides his Midtown Manhattan patients with beautiful smile restoration. Expert with the latest dental technologies, Dr. Nadler provides modern solutions to age-old dental issues. He is passionate about oral health, cosmetic dentistry, and exceeding patient expectations. It’s this passion and precision that wins him referrals from Manhattan’s top specialists.  

Dr. Nadler is known for his patient-focused, friendly demeanor. He strives to provide personalized service and care during each interaction and always has time for a friendly smile and hello. Dr. Nadler ensures that each patient feels valued and respected, never rushed or pressured. He is detail oriented, precise, and known for providing some of the best dental care in New York City, NY.

Come meet Dr. Nadler for yourself and explore your solutions for a better smile. We are located next to Central Park.

Dr. Nadler’s Training and Qualifications

A dentist himself, Dr. Nadler’s father indulged his son’s curiosity about dentistry and medicine. But crowns and gums weren’t the only things that intrigued him. He was also drawn to art and sculpture, studying it throughout his medical training. By focusing on cosmetic dentistry and smile restorations, Dr. Nadler gets to combine two of his greatest passions. His artistic eye and precise dental skills result in beautiful teeth and smiles. 


After graduating high school, Dr. Matthew Nadler attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he graduated with honors. He then attended the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He served as President of the Alpha Omega student chapter in Buffalo, NY and had the opportunity to participate in the Buffalo Outreach Community Assistance Program in Tampico, Mexico, providing dental care to the local population that was lacking access to proper healthcare. He completed residency training at the Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan, served on committeees for New York County Dental Society, and volunteered for the American Dental Society’s Give Kids a Smile program, which provides oral health services to millions of underserved children across the United States.

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Dr. Nadler is committed to furthering his education throughout his career. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the New York State Dental Association, the New York County Dental Association, and the Academy of Advanced Dental Technology. He is Spear Trained, an intensive training and continuing education program based on the work of Dr. Frank Spear, world-renowned periodontist and prosthodontist.

Because temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues are so prevalent today, Dr. Nadler sought out and trained with Dr. Pete Dawson, a world-renowned TMJ and occlusion specialist. He furthered his knowledge by taking 300 hours of continuing education, five times more than the recommended 60 hours. The International College of Dentists has offered him a fellowship which recognizes top dentists’ “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.”

Fascinated by dental innovation, Dr. Nadler constantly learns new skills and techniques. When these prove consistently safe and effective, he proposes them to patients.

Dr. Nadler uses his advanced dental training and the latest dental technologies to address many dental and cosmetic needs including:

To achieve the best possible cosmetic results for our patients, Dr. Nadler uses an aesthetically driven treatment planning approach (ADTP). He starts by visualizing what you hope to achieve and works backwards to find the treatments needed to fulfill those goals. He’ll help you explore options and find effective solutions for your most complex dental problems. Dr. Nadler and his entire team are dedicated to helping you achieve your dental goals.

Personal Life

When he’s not restoring smiles at our beautiful Midtown Manhattan office, Dr. Nadler enjoys spending time with his family including his wife Lindsay and two daughters. His interests include fitness, painting/drawing, nutrition, reading and, travel.

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I grew up in Roslyn, a suburb about 20 miles east of Manhattan.

I obtained my dental degree from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine and furthered my education with a residency at Metropolitan Hospital. However my education is continuous including training at the Spear Institution in Arizona as well as the Dawson Academy in Florida. I have also had photography training with Carlos Ayala a famous dental photographer.

I specialize in restorative rehabilitation and porcelain restorations for both function and beauty.

Exceeding expectations – We care about our patients at the deepest level. The Doctor’s Credo is “Do NO HARM”. This philosophy is the tip of the iceberg. We will do whatever it takes to build our patients’ trust and confidence. We will pay attention to the most minute of details. We will go above and beyond what they expect of personal service. Patients will be treated not like family, but like the Royal Family. We want what is best for them, simply because it is what is best for them. There is no other agenda, this is why we are here!

A love for medicine and a father as a mentor led me on my path to dentistry. A place where science and art collide with patient care was tantalizing. Creativity, sculpture, aesthetic beauty and improving people’s lives was exactly what I was looking for. Dentistry offered me the ability to connect with people and use my artistic talents. It has been a rewarding experience each and every day.

One of my most prominent core values is empathy. Connecting with my patients and exceeding their expectations with my work both artistically and technically brings me great joy.

Joining Nadler Dentistry in 2011 was a very humbling experience. I viewed those first few years as an apprenticeship, each day offering a new pearl of wisdom from my father Sheldon Nadler. I became apparent that there was far more to learn and that dental school and residency was just enough of a foundation to provide basic care and I knew I wanted to offer more. In fact it became so apparent that it was impossible to learn everything that I decided to narrow my scope of treatment, ensuring that I could offer a superior level of care in what I chose to master. Even with narrowing my treatments I continue to learn and improve constantly as technology and techniques are ever evolving. Continuing education and working alongside New York City’s best specialists allowed me to grow my practice and clinical skills to the level they are today. I also feel that a deep level of caring for my patients helps me focus on developing and providing the “best” treatment in the “best” interests of y patients

I have several interests outside of the office, most notably fitness, nutrition, golf and family. I’d like to make note that the priority of those interest is not in that order. Relationships have always been my top priority. My wife Lindsay and our two daughters, Adira and Kenzie are number one. It may sound cheesy, but to me family always comes first and being a dad of two young girls, knowing how fast they grow up I do not want to miss one minute of it.

During my residency, treating a high volume of patients and seeing dental work from countless dentists opened my eyes. The level of care from one dentist to another varied tremendously. I saw bulky crowns that didn’t fit properly. I saw unsightly opaque veneers; fillings that looked like chewing gum stuck to the side of a tooth. I realized that not all care was equal and that I was going to have a higher standard. My work was going to be special. I was not going to provide so called “average” dental work, which even today makes me cringe. If I was going to devote a good portion of my life to my profession then I was going to do it my way, where quality, care and beauty come together.

There were two main obstacles that I have dealt with over the years.

The first is that I am often torn between being conservative and establishing the highest level of beauty. Balancing many factors including aesthetics can sometimes be a challenge.

Sometimes to provide a dazzling smile, teeth need to be altered quite a bit. When teeth are perfectly healthy and on a young adult this can lead to quite the ethical dilemma.

The second obstacle was establishing a word class team to help me provide the highest level of care. This has not been an easy task. Many cases require orthodontics, gum specialists(periodontists) and of course a very talented ceramist(cosmetic artist who actually makes the crowns/veneers). Each member of the team not only has to be exceptional, but must communicate perfectly with on another to achieve the desired vision. I realized early on that taking on these cosmetic and rehabilitation cases and keeping my standards required an exceptional team. I am happy to say that although it wasn’t an easy undertaking and there have been some set backs along the way, I have found each piece of the puzzle. A quick thank you to my specialists and master ceramists for your hard work, I could not do what I do without you.

Empathetic, caring, integrity

The most obvious answer to this question is my father. An exceptional dentist and father, but also a man of integrity. A man who has not disappointed me in all my life. A man who has taught me countless lessons. A man who I cannot possibly repay all that he has given.

There is one more mentor, who will remain nameless. A person who has shown me that it is possibly to do more, to be more. To do good, to be responsibly, to pass on the best of you to your family. To give, to be there for those you care for and for those who you do not know. All of this and still be at the top of your profession, blazing new paths for the future.

The changes were slow at first, but they became more and more pronounced, taking on a snowballing affect. A first I was making sacrifices to focus on education, a bit of seriousness creeping in. Then it was more and more responsibility piling up. Running a business, taking care of employees and patients alike while starting a family. Things that used to excite me no longer do and have been replaced by different activities and relationships. Life has become less frivolous, it has a different meaning. I embrace the responsibilities and accountabilities that come along with it. I welcome the challenges and the opportunity to help people and exceed expectations.

I believe they choose me because for me cosmetics is a result of care and quality. Patients are placing themselves in a vulnerable position. As a doctor you must earn their trust. They MUST trust you completely and believe in your capabilities before venturing into an aesthetic or functional rehabilitation treatment. They must believe that whatever the treatment is being provided is being provided for the sole reason that it is in the patient’s best interest. These patients must be cared for after completion of treatment for years, decades even. The relationship between the doctor and the patient is why people choose me. It is a relationship that must be unquestionable, undeniable in its foundation. Once again its foundation must be that all care provided is provided for the sole reason that such care is in the patient’s best interest.