Dr. Matthew Nadler

Meet Dr. Matthew Nadler


Complex dental problems often require a multi-faceted treatment approach. You need a dentist with education and experience in the latest dental techniques. Dr. Matthew Nadler provides his Midtown Manhattan patients with beautiful smile restoration. Expert with the latest dental technologies, Dr. Nadler provides modern solutions to age-old dental issues. He is passionate about oral health, cosmetic dentistry, and exceeding patient expectations. It’s this passion and precision that wins him referrals from Manhattan’s top specialists.  

Dr. Nadler is known for his patient-focused, friendly demeanor. He strives to provide personalized service and care during each interaction and always has time for a friendly smile and hello. Dr. Nadler ensures that each patient feels valued and respected, never rushed or pressured. He is detail oriented, precise, and known for providing some of the best dental care in New York City, NY.

Come meet Dr. Nadler for yourself and explore your solutions for a better smile.

Dr. Nadler’s Training and Qualifications

A dentist himself, Dr. Nadler’s father indulged his son’s curiosity about dentistry and medicine. But crowns and gums weren’t the only things that intrigued him. He was also drawn to art and sculpture, studying it throughout his medical training. By focusing on cosmetic dentistry and smile restorations, Dr. Nadler gets to combine two of his greatest passions. His artistic eye and precise dental skills result in beautiful teeth and smiles. 

After graduating high school, Dr. Matthew Nadler attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he graduated with honors. He then attended the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He served as President of the Alpha Omega student chapter in Buffalo, NY and had the opportunity to participate in the Buffalo Outreach Community Assistance Program in Tampico, Mexico, providing dental care to the local population that was lacking access to proper healthcare. He completed residency training at the Metropolitan Hospital in Manhattan, served on committeees for New York County Dental Society, and volunteered for the American Dental Society’s Give Kids a Smile program, which provides oral health services to millions of underserved children across the United States.

Dr. Nadler is committed to furthering his education throughout his career. He is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the New York State Dental Association, the New York County Dental Association, and the Academy of Advanced Dental Technology. He is Spear Trained, an intensive training and continuing education program based on the work of Dr. Frank Spear, world-renowned periodontist and prosthodontist.

Because temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues are so prevalent today, Dr. Nadler sought out and trained with Dr. Pete Dawson, a world-renowned TMJ and occlusion specialist. He furthered his knowledge by taking 300 hours of continuing education, five times more than the recommended 60 hours. The International College of Dentists has offered him a fellowship which recognizes top dentists’ “outstanding professional achievement, meritorious service and dedication to the continued progress of dentistry for the benefit of humankind.”

Fascinated by dental innovation, Dr. Nadler constantly learns new skills and techniques. When these prove consistently safe and effective, he proposes them to patients.

Dr. Nadler uses his advanced dental training and the latest dental technologies to address many dental and cosmetic needs including:

To achieve the best possible cosmetic results for our patients, Dr. Nadler uses an aesthetically driven treatment planning approach (ADTP). He starts by visualizing what you hope to achieve and works backwards to find the treatments needed to fulfill those goals. He’ll help you explore options and find effective solutions for your most complex dental problems. Dr. Nadler and his entire team are dedicated to helping you achieve your dental goals.

Personal Life

When he’s not restoring smiles at our beautiful Midtown Manhattan office, Dr. Nadler enjoys spending time with his family including his wife Lindsay and two daughters. His interests include fitness, painting/drawing, nutrition, reading and, travel.

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