General Treatment

Nadler Dentistry offers restorative, implant and cosmetic dentistry.  We are a general practice addressing all of your dental healthcare needs, both in our office and through referrals to our colleagues, respected professionals in their fields.​

Dental Examination

At Nadler Dentistry your examination starts with a thorough, up to date, detailed medical history, which ensures that our treatment is provided as safely as possible and addresses your specific needs. The doctor will assess whether diagnostic x-rays are needed.  Nadler Dentistry also uses a radiation free intra-oral camera to help diagnose decay. Your teeth and gums will then be evaluated and a thorough head and neck cancer screening will be performed. Your concerns and wishes are always considered, at Nadler Dentistry, when creating your personalized treatment plan.


Nadler Dentistry employees two highly trained licensed Dental Hygienists to cater to your dental health needs. They will review oral hygiene home-care with you and make recommendations as needed. As responsible heath care professionals, they will assess your oral health during your hygiene visit and determine the optimal frequency for your individual needs. 

Teeth Whitening

It’s an unavoidable fact: your teeth will darken over time. Food, drinks, tobacco, improper oral hygiene, even injuries and illness can all cause your smile to tarnish. But a white, bright smile makes a great impression, which is why we offer effective tooth whitening services. If you’ve used over-the-counter solutions for teeth whitening, chances are you’ve been disappointed. For truly great tooth whitening, you need:

·    Trained professionals
·    Industry-proven methods
·    Advanced technology
·    Access to the latest and greatest dentistry has to offer

That’s exactly why our tooth whitening is the best! Come in for a consultation, and let our experienced team recommend a whitening solution catered to your needs. From light-activated gels to take-home trays, we have access to prescription-level whitening systems that you simply can’t find anywhere else.